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Review Policy  and Contact Information

UPDATE- For now we are not taking any Review Request until our TBR lists go down just a little more. The Google Forms will be added back after the first of the year (2016)- Thank you 

  1. Thank you for choosing Book Lovers 4Ever. Besides being a Book Recommendation Blog we also host authors for Guest Post, Book or Series Spotlights and Blog Tours. Our reviews are always fair, honest, diplomatic, and positive. They will always reflect our opinions of the book. Sometimes we will have a little constructive criticism but we will never be hateful or hurtful.
  2. We never publish negative reviews, this helps no one. If we rate a book lower than a 3 Star, we will not post a review and the author will be notified.
  3. Release day reviews do not happen unless you get us an ARC at least two months before the release date. That gives us time to schedule the post plus time to read the book. Our general rule is around two weeks of the release date- that can be either before or after the release date. But that depends on when we get the book. We cannot get a book one week before the release date and expect to have it read, reviewed and the post ready in one week.
  4. We do not read or review Young Adult.
  5. The genres we read are Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance, Westerns/Cowboys, New Adult, and Male/Male (Wendy only).
  6. Blog Tours- We do them, if you want us to join your tour please complete the Google form and add the information in the comments section. 
  7. Currently we are only accepting E-BOOKS for review in either Mobi or PDF. We also accept the ebooks sent directly from Amazon, we will give our kindle emails upon request.
  8. All reviews are also posted on Goodreads and Amazon around the day the review goes live on our blog. We will always review on our site first then post on Goodreads and Amazon. 
  9. Once either of the Google forms (below) is completed Shonna will contact you to set up a date to appear on the blog or to give you information about submitting the book to us.

      Please contact us at  if you have any questions or concerns regarding the blog. 

      If you have any other questions please contact Wendy at 

      Under no circumstances will we agree to a pre-approved review before posting. All reviews will be posted once the book is completed.